The Hassle Of Not Outsourcing

Are you already outsourcing or only mulling over the idea of it? From accustomed accounting, HR & payroll to product development, sales and marketing there are multiple benefits of taking this approach. And risks at the same time.


CASB Strategic Direction – Management Brainstorming Session 2024

The Commerce Access Strategic Direction – Management Brainstorming Session 2024, held from January 11 to 14, 2024, in the picturesque setting of Phuket, Thailand, marked a pivotal gathering for the organization’s key leaders. The primary objective of this intensive session was to formulate the detailed Sales and Business Plan for the year 2024. Engaging in collaborative discussions and strategic brainstorming, the participants worked towards aligning organizational goals, exploring innovative approaches, and setting a comprehensive roadmap for the upcoming year. This event not only fostered team cohesion but also laid the foundation for a dynamic and purposeful direction, ensuring that CASB enters 2024 with a well-defined strategy for success.

The participants are:

  1. Tn Hj Muzafar Kamal bin Shahaluddin (GCEO)
  2. Tn Hj Abdul Halim Bin Mohamad Yusof (GCOO)
  3. Pn Hjh Afidah Binti Kamaruddin (VP)
  4. Shaikhah Binti Abdul Karim (HOD)
  5. Norazura Binti Anuar (HOD)
  6. Norhaizah Binti Norahim (HOD)
  7. Wan Sujaihah Binti Wan Kamaruzaman (Manager CC)
  8. Noryati Binti Zaafar (Manager CC)
  9. Noor Hayati Binti Khalid (Manager CC)
  10. Khairul Anuar Bin Harun (Manager BD)
  11. Wan Norpaula Akma Binti Wan Rusli (PMO)
  12. Marliah Akmar Binti Ramli (PMO)
  13. Nurzaimonalily Binti Mohd Najib (BD)
  14. Mohd Noor Bin Mohamed Johar (Team Leader)
  15. Khairil Aswani Bin Subry (Team Leader)
  16. Hidayah Binti Mohamad (Team Leader)


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